Our mission at Formation Workspaces is to transform the way people work. Our five core values shape our design process, our procurement and project management policies and the way we interact with our clients:

    • Innovation: we innovate using the latest research to remain at the forefront of data driven workspace design.
      • Modernisation: we modernise and empower organisations through the integration of new technology, work systems and sustainable architecture.
        • Creation: we create value for organisations throughout all stages of the project life-cycle, delivering on cost, quality and time.
          • Humanisation: we humanise workspaces through inclusive design to promote efficient, healthy and safe workplace cultures.
            • Transformation: we utilise the latest innovations and design thinking to transform the way people and organisations work.

As a leading Australian office fitout design and project management firm, we believe that people excel in work environments that are readily adaptable, encourage flexibility, and provide a balance between collaboration and focused activity. Our dynamic team boasts an extensive background in fitout design, building services coordination, project procurement, and project management.

At Formation Workspaces we are client-focused, leading our client organisations on their journey towards the future of modern workplaces. We engage with stakeholders at every stage of the project lifecycle. We understand that every organisation is different. We engage early in the planning stage with user groups and stakeholders to intimately understand how your business operates and explore the ways we can enhance, develop, and transform existing workplace practices and systems through design. We partner with our clients at every stage of the process to guide their projects smoothly to completion and into operation.

We manage the whole project lifecycle - design, stakeholder engagement, construction and commissioning.

Planning: In the planning phase, we gather data and information about your organisation to assess your current and future needs. We conduct staff surveys and facilitate workshops with your leaders and decision-makers to understand how your business works. We consult with all relevant stakeholders and support your organisation through the change management process. During this phase, we provide workspace planning, budgeting, and initial office fitout programming, and explore opportunities for innovative design solutions.

Design: Our human-centred workplace designs inspire people to work and learn. Our office designs support staff wellbeing and modern workplace cultures while anticipating your organisation’s future needs. We work with specialist engineers, consultants, and creatives to deliver interior planning, interior architectural design, and detailed coordination of building services.

Procurement: Formation Workspaces is experienced in full-service, client-side procurement management. We procure, engage and manage contractors, specialists and sub-contractors on your behalf, including the management of tender processes and contract development. We ensure that all contractors, specialist consultants and equipment are suitable for the project, reducing our clients’ risk exposure and providing the best possible value for money. We operate within international risk management standards and have expertise in corporate and government procurement policies and frameworks.

Construction: Formation Workspaces provides comprehensive construction management services, including superintendency and contract administration, to represent our clients’ best interests during the construction phase of the fitout project. We ensure that all works are completed to a high standard as per agreed-upon design specifications and contract conditions. We work openly, proactively and collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure optimal outcomes for our clients, and operate in total compliance with Australian building industry standards and regulations.

Commissioning: We handle all aspects of the commissioning process, including the management of defect rectification, certifications and approvals. We manage environmental certifications, the commissioning of building services, and the installation of HVAC, building management systems and hydraulic services.

Workspace Design

Formation Workspaces are specialists in the design and delivery of workspace and office fitout projects. Formation Workspaces take a data-driven approach to design. Continually evolving our understanding of workplace design we implement industry best practice across projects large and small.

Project & Construction Management

Formation Workspaces provides professional project and construction management services. We manage your project from end-to-end, including design coordination, development and building approvals, commissioning, project handover and relocation management services.

Procurement & Superintendency

Formation Workspaces provides professional commercial and government procurement services and construction phase contract superintendency. This includes the preparation of ‘request for tender’ packages, head contracts, and contract administration.

Secure Workspaces

Formation Workspaces provides effective office design solutions for workplaces requiring a high level of security for their staff and/or assets. We integrate physical, passive and electronic security equipment into the design of our workspaces.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engagement with stakeholders is crucial to ensure the design process identifies the opportunities, constraints and future needs of your organisation and its employees. Formation Workspaces consults with and leads engagement with user groups before, during and after the design process.

Sustainable Design

Sustainability is central to everything that we do. Sustainable design enhances the wellbeing of those who work in the spaces we design, increasing their productivity while reducing the cost of business and the demand on the environment.

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