'Smart design is instrumental to the efficient implementation of workflows'

Standardising the workflow of an organisation ensures all employees operate to the same procedures and guidelines, allowing for optimal efficiency.

Smart design in factories, warehouses and other operational facilities is critical to the implementation of efficient and safe workflows.

Warehouse fitouts, for example, should be designed with standard processes in mind for every activity, from the moment the materials arrive at your warehouse, to the moment the finished product is dispatched.

Workstations should be clearly organised and designed for the efficient and ergonomic performance of a specific task. Smart design will reduce the risk of workplace injuries caused by manual tasks, improve employees’ wellbeing, and drive greater productivity.


'Good design minimises the risk of workplace injury by anticipating hazards early'

Designing for safe workplaces aims to eliminate or minimise the risks of injury or illness in the workplace. The most effective way to minimise WHS risk is to consider hazards as early as possible in the design process.

This begins at the conceptual and planning phases, where we have the greatest chance of finding impactful solutions that ‘design hazards out’ and incorporate effective risk control measures.

Delnas Metal Roofing | Warehouse fitout

Delnas Metal Roofing approached Formation Workspaces to design and manage the development of an expanded warehouse fitout, including an administration office space. We provided project management and interior design services, including warehouse fitout design, documentation coordination, preparation of the construction contract, and construction phase contract administration and superintendency services. Read more

ANU Building 32 | Laboratory Fitout

The Australian National University is regarded as one of the world's leading research universities. Formation Workspaces was engaged to provide laboratory design and documentation services for the creation of new laboratory space within Building 32 of the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science. The laboratory fitout involved the transformation of existing office and storage room spaces into a functional space designed to house state-of-the-art technology such as metal printing facilities. Read more

InvoCare | Commercial fitout Canberra

Formation Workspaces was engaged by Spaceful to deliver a warehouse fitout and construction project for InvoCare’s new central regional operations facility located in Fyshwick ACT. The project involved the conversion of a large existing warehouse building into a functional facility that supported InvoCare’s operations in Canberra and surrounding region. The design was completed with the aim of maintaining the upmost privacy, sensitivity, and respect for both visitors to the space and its general operation. Read more

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