'Classroom design and teaching must foster students’ collaborative skills in preparation for the changing requirements of tomorrow’s job market'

Classrooms must adapt to the requirements of today’s new and emerging job markets, which increasingly prize an employee’s ability to collaborate to solve complex problems and work effectively in teams.

The emerging use of technology in classrooms is helping to foster a collaborative working style among students. Forward-thinking teachers are utilising technological tools such as social networking platforms and shared visual displays to build their students’ collaborative skills.

However, education interior design thinking must also move away from traditional classrooms to keep pace with these changing requirements.

The designer plays an increasingly important role in devising learning spaces and solutions that effectively integrate technology while enabling a delicate balance between peer collaboration and focused classroom instruction.


'Hybrid learning will be a crucial element of the future campus experience'

The use of digital teaching tools has increased tremendously during the pandemic. However, simply delivering lectures over video, or replicating other on-campus teaching methods online, aren’t enough to promote long-term student engagement.

The challenge for universities during and following the pandemic is to provide a premium campus offering that integrates in-person learning with a rich, personalised digital experience.

ADFA Amenities | Fitout Canberra

The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) is a military academy located in the Canberra suburb of Campbell that provides military and tertiary academic education for junior officers of the Australian Defence Force. ADFA engaged Formation Workspaces to redevelop the existing bathroom facilities and kitchenettes in Building 1 of the Campbell precinct. Formation Workspaces proudly provides amenity and education fitout services that support the training and growth of future leaders of Australia. Read more

ANU College of Engineering | Education Interior Design

We create new educational spaces that support the development of a new generation of practitioners who are ready to tackle the challenges of the 21st century. Formation Workspaces was engaged to deliver education interior design, documentation and fitout services for the construction of a new workspace at the College of Engineering and Computer Science. Read more

ACT Government School Upgrades | School Interior Design and Fitout

Formation Workspaces provided school interior design, detailed documentation and project management services for the delivery of eight school fitout projects across Canberra. The works were part of the ACT Government’s 2020/2021 public school infrastructure upgrades budget. The works were delivered in stages over a period of five months, with a total project value of $1.8M. Read more

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