'ABW principles transform work into something you feel empowered to do, rather than somewhere you need to be'

Activity Based Working (ABW) is a design philosophy that caters to the evolving nature of modern workplaces by providing different spaces tailored for specific kinds of work.

In an ABW environment, employees can choose which workspace best suits the task at hand. This can range from meeting rooms that facilitate structured workshops, to co-working spaces that support informal collaboration, to lounges that enable in-depth focused research.

ABW focuses on creating connection, accountability and trust between individuals, teams and the broader organisation.

The ABW approach recognises that modern work involves a variety of solo and team-based activities which require different kinds of spaces, supported by technology and organisational culture, to be carried out effectively.

On an individual level, ABW enables each employee to structure their work activities and schedule in an autonomous, efficient and enjoyable way that best suits their individual requirements, the required tasks and the need for collaboration.

By creating an optimal environment for any kind of activity, ABW empowers individuals, giving them freedom to decide how to work to achieve the best outcome.


'Inclusive design is not an afterthought. It should be integrated into the design process'

Inclusive design puts users at the heart of the design process. It’s about useability and choice, creating a welcoming environment that celebrates diversity and removes barriers to access. Inclusive office design does not focus purely on addressing physical differences or impairments – it must equally emphasise differing working styles, life circumstances and mental health.

Identifying barriers to access and inclusion must occur at all stages of the design process – barriers should be identified as early as possible so that good design can remove them. Workplaces should not segregate employees based on their special requirements. Rather, inclusive workplace design should be subtle and efficient, creating a welcoming environment without drawing undue attention to any particular individual or group.

Workplaces that are designed to be inclusive create a happier workforce and a more collaborative, productive and innovative organisation.

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As a leading office fitout company, Formation Workspaces provides high quality workplace designs and construction documentation based on sound interior design principles. Veritec is an Australian-owned information technology company that specialises in leading digital transformation projects for the public sector. We worked collaboratively with the building contractor and client to develop a practical office design that fully addressed Veritec’s brief, budget and organisational culture. Read more

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