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18 August 2019

ANU College of Engineering | Education Interior Design


Formation Workspaces is proud to work with Australia’s tertiary education and scientific institutions to deliver functional, safe and innovative education fitouts.

We create new educational spaces that support the development of a new generation of practitioners who are ready to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.

The Australian National University (ANU) College of Engineering and Computer Science has an ambitious agenda to reimagine the role of engineering and computing, operating high-performing schools of computing, engineering and cybernetics.

Formation Workspaces was engaged to deliver education interior design, documentation and fitout services for the construction of a new workspace at the College of Engineering and Computer Science. Formation Workspaces developed site investigation and surveying, concept design and planning, education fitout coordination, and drafting of detailed construction documentation.

Formation Workspaces sought to integrate the College’s transformative agenda into the new design. Existing workplace designs and spaces were transformed into a dedicated engineering space housing advanced technologies. The space featured large, glazed partition walls, allowing students and staff to safely observe the operation of this equipment at a distance. The main workplace design was supplemented by the construction of a specialised power handling room, workshop and specialised mechanical services.

Workplace Health and Safety are fundamental to education interior design. Formation Workspaces coordinated the integration of numerous safety features within the space, including static electricity resistant materials, emergency detection sensors, specialist mechanical ventilation services and specialist lab room construction.